Student Administration Office

How can I apply for admission? Bachelor's or Master's, which is right for me? What secondary school qualification is required for university admission? How can I take leave of absence or ex-matriculate myself? The Student Administration Office advises students on all formal questions related to studying at Alanus University.
Service include:

  • Clarification of questions related to studying
  • Information on formal admission requirements for a degree programme
  • Information on applying for admission, learning contracts and enrolment
  • Information on changing degree programmes, leaves of absence, termination and ex-matriculation after successful completion of studies
  • Information on the semester ticket
  • Individual advice on issues that arise

The first place to contact is the Service Office for Students at Campus II - Villestrasse.
Students are also welcome to contact the staff directly by phone or e-mail.

Your degree programmeYour contact

Department 01 Fine Arts


Bachelor Fine Arts – SculptureBrigitte Stehle
Bachelor Fine Arts – PaintingBrigitte Stehle
Bachelor Fine Arts – Sustainable DesignNicole Walsdorf
Bachelor Art – Education – TherapyNicole Walsdorf
Master Fine Arts

Isabel Bernal-Copano

Department 02 Performing Arts 
Bachelor EurythmyBrigitte Stehle
Master EurythmyIsabel Bernal-Copano
Licentiate Degree Drama

Brigitte Stehle

Department 03 Architecture 
Bachelor ArchitectureNicole Walsdorf
Master Architecture
Svenja Genske

Department 04 Art Therapies and Therapeutic Science

Bachelor Art Therapy / Social ArtTanja Kiefer
Master Kunsttherapie
Tanja Kiefer
Department 05 Education 
Bachelor Early Childhood EducationNicole Walsdorf
Bachelor Philosophy, Arts & Social EntrepreneurshipTanja Kiefer
Master Teaching Degree ArtNicole Walsdorf
Master Education / Waldorf EducationSvenja Genske
Master Education / Educational Research
Svenja Genske
Department 06 Business Management 
Bachelor Business AdministrationNicole Walsdorf
Bachelor Sustainable ManagementNicole Walsdorf
Bachelor Business Administration, Society, InnovationNicole Walsdorf
Master Business AdministrationNicole Walsdorf

In addition, our students can stay updated on everything important during the course of their studies on the learning platform at Alanus University. Please select "General University -> Student Service".