Examination Office at Alanus University

The Examination Office of Alanus University

The Examination Office is responsible for the organisation of examinations and the administration of examination results.

The services include:

  • Clarification of exam-related issues
  • Information on study and examination regulations
  • Information on registration deadlines and dates
  • Issuing of certificates and performance reports for Bachelor's and Master's programmes
  • Acceptance and processing of examination registrations, requests to withdraw from examinations and cancellations of examination registrations due to illness
  • Acceptance and processing of requests for recognition of externally performed achievements
  • Individual advice on issues that arise

The first place to contact is the Service Office for Students at Campus II - Villestrasse 3.
Students are also welcome to contact the staff directly by phone or e-mail.

Your degree programmeYour contact

Department 01 Fine Arts


Bachelor Fine Arts – SculptureEvelyn Pesch
Bachelor Fine Arts – PaintingEvelyn Pesch
Bachelor Fine Arts – Sustainable DesignEvelyn Pesch
Bachelor Art-Education-TherapySabine Dauven
Master Fine Arts
Evelyn Pesch
Department 02 Performing Arts 
Bachelor EurythmySabine Hendrikx
Master EurythmySabine Hendrikx
Licentiate Degree Drama
Sabine Hendrikx
Department 03 Architecture 
Bachelor ArchitectureEvelyn Pesch
Master Architecture
Evelyn Pesch
Department 04 Art Therapies and Therapeutic Science 
Bachelor Art Therapy – Social ArtEvelyn Pesch
Master Art Therapy
Evelyn Pesch
Department 05 Education 
Bachelor Early Childhood EducationSvenja Genske
Bachelor Philosophy, Arts & Social EntrepreneurshipSabine Dauven
Master Curative EducationSvenja Genske
Master Teaching Degree ArtSabine Dauven
Master Education / Waldorf EducationSvenja Genske
Master Education / Educational Research
Svenja Genske
Department 06 Business Management 
Bachelor Business AdministrationEvelyn Pesch
Bachelor Sustainable ManagementEvelyn Pesch
Bachelor Business Administration, Society, InnovationEvelyn Pesch
Master Business AdministrationEvelyn Pesch

The credit recognition procedure cannot begin until you have matriculated at Alanus University. No crediting is possible in advance.

An examination or achievement performed outside of Germany can be credited if it is equivalent in form and content. The Examination Office first checks the equivalence of form (credit points according to ECTS, examination modalities, etc.) and then forwards the documents to the relevant subject experts, who decide on equivalence in terms of content.

As an enrolled student you will receive detailed information about the documents required as well as the procedures on the Alanus University learning platform

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