The Arts and Science in Dialogue

At Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, we focus on holistic education. In addition to a sound basis in technical subjects, we attach great importance to the personal development of our students regarding their own perception and understanding of their individual contribution to society. This idea lies at the heart of our Bachelor's, Diplom and Master's programmes, doctoral studies, research, artistic development projects, and the development of the university as a whole.

As a state-recognised university of the arts with two locations, one in Alfter on the outskirts of Bonn (NRW) and one in Mannheim, we offer courses in the fields of fine and performing arts, architecture, art therapy, education, business and philosophy. The unique combination of science and art encourages encounters between the disciplines and enables students to continually broaden their horizons. This is achieved, through interdisciplinary projects and the Studium Generale (General Studies), which is an integral component of every degree programme. In these supplementary lectures and seminars, students acquire a fundamental education in cultural studies and the humanities aimed at promoting the development of their own attitudes and outlook. Through work in small groups, with intensive exchange between lecturers and students, we also create space for personal, scientific and artistic development.

In this sense, the educational concept of Alanus University focuses on the person as a whole. We thus embrace the humanistic ideals of Schiller and Humboldt while also following Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical idea of “educating the whole human being”.

Alanus University is supported financially by the non-profit Alanus Foundation. It is financed through donations, third-party funding, tuition fees and contributions from the Software AG Foundation, the main sponsor.

Acting Rector: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Pieper
Prorector: Prof. Andrea Sunder-Plassmann
Prorector: Prof. Dr. Thomas Maschke

Head of Administration
Michael Schröder

Type of University
University of Art and Music

Private, state-approved

Established in
1973/2003 (state accreditation)

Number of Students
Over 1,900 (2020/2021)