Current information on the coronavirus

Alanus University has taken various steps to protect students, staff and guests from the corona virus. The health of our students, staff and guests is our top priority. We want to help and slow down the spread of the virus. We base our risk assessment on the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.

Measures taken by the Alanus University

Alanus University and Alanus Werkhaus have set up the Corona working group, which meets regularly to assess the situation. A comprehensive hygiene concept as well as guidelines for behaviour in the event of suspected Covid 19 incidents have been sent to all students and staff by e-mail. The documents are also available on Moodle and are regularly updated. The hygiene concept focuses on personal responsibility and solidarity: only if we all comply with the regulations can we minimise the risk of infection!


Practical art and performance courses will be held digitally until further notice. In justified exceptional cases, it is still possible to apply for face-to-face courses. Students will be informed of this by their department. All purely academic-theoretical events will be offered online until further notice.


Detailed information was communicated by e-mail.

Studios and practice rooms

Unfortunately, the studios and practice rooms will also have to remain closed until further notice. However, in exceptional cases, we allow students from the departments of Fine and Performing Arts who are preparing for exams to use studio space and rehearsal rooms. Detailed information was communicated by e-mail.

Mouth and nose protector

There is a general obligation to wear masks in all buildings, including at the workplace in the studio - regardless of a safety distance of 1.5 metres and lists for contact tracking. Medical masks (so-called surgical masks) must be worn at all times in attendance events and examinations.Students are requested to bring their own masks. Those who cannot wear a mask for health reasons are exempt from the mask requirement, but must show a certificate to the lecturer - and wear a transparent face visor/faceshield.

Excluded from this are employees at their workplaces, at a distance of at least 1.5 metres and with adequate ventilation.

The minimum distance of 1.5 metres must also be maintained outdoors. If this is not possible, mouth-nose protection must be worn. Anyone who cannot wear a mask for health reasons is exempt from the obligation to wear a mask, but must show a certificate - and wear a transparent face visor/faceshield.

Stay of students at both locations in Alfter

Students are allowed to stay at the university for work in the studio, reference events, the periods between their events, individually agreed counselling interviews, attendance tests and the use of the library.

Common rooms for students

We have set up "student lounges" at both locations where students can take part in an online event (with personal equipment) or spend the time between two classroom sessions.

At Campus I - Johannishof the following rooms are provided: Werkhaus Semi 1 and Werkhaus Semi 2.

On Campus II - Villestraße, Semi 5 and the refectory are available.

The common rooms are equipped with individual workstations; group work is not permitted here. Each place must be cleaned and disinfected after use. Cleaning agents are available in the rooms. A mouth and nose protector must be worn during the entire stay. There are QR codes on the doors of the rooms, which you must use to enter your name in a booking system to ensure traceability for the Health Department. Important: After leaving the room, please log out by scanning the QR code again in order to enable subsequent students to use the respective room.


All information can be found on the main page of the library.


Information for people entering from risk areas

All information is available at:

Only those who comply with the testing and quarantine rules are allowed to enter the campuses of Alanus University.

General Information

Citizens can contact the hotline of the state government for questions about the coronavirus: +49 211 / 9119 1001.

Further information can be found at:



For further questions and information contact: