Current information on the coronavirus

Measures taken by the Alanus University

Alanus University and Alanus Werkhaus have established the Corona Working Group (AG Corona), which meets regularly to assess the situation. A comprehensive hygiene concept and guidelines for what to do in the event of a suspected Covid 19 case have been sent to all students and staff by email. The documents are also posted on Moodle and are updated regularly.

For more than a year, the university management (supported by the Corona WG) has been trying to bring together the respective applicable requirements with the various interests and needs. Apart from the legal requirements to which we have to adapt - again and again - and to which we naturally adhere, there are above all three standards to which we align ourselves:

  • We support the overall societal movement to overcome the pandemic.
  • We protect the health of our students and employees.
  • We offer the best possible course of study under the given conditions. In doing so, the university administration would like to responsibly facilitate as much attendance as possible during the fall semester.

Classroom teaching, studio use and examinations

The implementation of classroom teaching is linked to infection levels: below an incidence of 100 in the Rhine-Sieg district, classroom teaching has been possible again since June 7, 2021, subject to a number of rules - including a negative test result. The departments will inform the students in a timely manner if/when and in which form events and examinations will still be held in attendance during the current semester.

Coronatests: Participation in teaching and practical courses and presence examinations as well as the use of studios and rehearsal rooms is only permitted with negative test proof for teachers and students.

Further and detailed information was communicated by e-mail.

Test centers at the university

Beginning July 1, operation of two Corona rapid testing centers will begin at Campus I - Johannishof and Campus II - Villestrasse.

The testing stations will be open as follows:   


Mon. 12:00-14:00 // Tues. 8:00-11:30 // Wed. 12:00-14:00 // Thurs. 8:00-11:30 // Fri. 12:00-14:00                                 

Campus II

Mon. 8:00-11:30 a.m. // Tues. 12:00-14:00 p.m. // Wed. 8:00-11:30 a.m. // Thurs. 12:00-14:00 p.m. // Fri. 8:00-11:30 a.m.


Mouth-nose protection

The distance and hygiene requirements anchored in the hygiene concept and the obligation to wear a medical mask in closed rooms (e.g. foyers, corridors) continue to apply. In principle, masks must also be worn when entering, staying in and leaving the studios and rehearsal rooms. The mask may only be removed for work at one's own workstation in studios and rehearsal rooms. Whether the mask may be removed at the workstation in seminar rooms depends on the incidence value and can therefore only be decided on site.


All information can be found on the main page of the library.

General Information

Citizens can contact the hotline of the state government for questions about the coronavirus: +49 211 / 9119 1001.

Further information can be found at:



For further questions and information contact: