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ABGESAGT: International Perspectives - guest lecturers 2020

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The arts therapies, whether applied in a medical or psychotherapeutic setting, adopt similar procedures, that is, engaging in an art based medium, although different methods. All of the art based therapies are based on the principles to respect culturally specific needs of the populations within which the therapists work. Diversity, historical, social and political backgrounds are given special attention in this forum.

With this in mind, “International Perspectives” aims to become a forum through which Guest Lecturers are invited to present their discussions of their specific approaches, and therapeutic work.

The lecturers are all experts in their field, based on research and clinical practice. The fields include art psychotherapy, arts therapies, medicine and psychology."

Each of the further education courses is opened with a lecture, which is then followed by a seminar and practical phase, where theory is interwoven with experience in order that embodied learning occurs.

Translation to German will be available.

Künstlerische Therapien, ob nun in einem medizinischen oder psychotherapeutischen Setting, wenden ähnliche Vorgehensweisen an hinsichtlich der Verwendung eines künstlerischen Mediums, wenngleich sie sich auch in ihren Methoden unterscheiden. Alle Künstlerischen Therapien berücksichtigen und respektieren spezifische kulturelle Bedürfnisse ihrer Klienten in der jeweiligen therapeutischen Vorgehensweise. Diversität, historische, soziale und politische Hintergründe finden in diesem Forum besondere Beachtung.

„Internationale Perspektiven“ möchte ein Forum werden, in dem Gast-Dozent*innen aus verschiedenen Ländern weltweit, im Fachbereich Künstlerische Therapien eingeladen sind, ihre Arbeitsschwerpunkte und therapeutischen Ansätze vorzustellen.

Die Lehrenden sind alle Expert*innen mit langjährigen Erfahrungen in Forschung und klinischer Praxis aus den Bereichen Kunst-Psychotherapie, Künstlerischen Therapien, Medizin und Psychologie.

Jede Weiterbildung wird mit einem Vortrag eröffnet, dem ein Seminar und eine praktische Phase folgen. So wird Theorie unmittelbar mit praktischer Selbsterfahrung verknüpft.

Übersetzung ins Deutsche wird angeboten.

Arts therapists with successfully completed university studies, a comparable degree or a suitable qualification from the professional life. Interested persons from neighboring professional fields can also participate in individual modules.

Künstlerische Therapeut*innen mit erfolgreich abgeschlossenem Hochschulstudium, einem vergleichbaren Abschluss oder einer entsprechenden Eignung aus dem Berufsleben. Interessent*innen aus angrenzenden Berufsfeldern können ebenfalls an Einzelmodulen teilnehmen. 

The admission criteria are based on the legal requirements of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (Kunsthochschulgesetz NRW, § 54 and the Hochschulzukunftsgesetz NRW §62). The further education courses serve as complement to the professional practice.

Die Zulassungskriterien orientieren sich an den gesetzlichen Vorgaben des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (Kunsthochschulgesetz NRW, § 54 und dem Hochschulzukunftsgesetz NRW §62). Die weiterbildenden Studienangebote dienen der Ergänzung der beruflichen Praxis.

20.03. -22.3.2020 Tattoo Art Therapy / the Body as Canvas - (USA)

As an artist and a researcher I became aware of the connections between the iconography of tattoos and barcodes. I was shocked at the prevalence of barcodes tattoos, especially those branded on young women who are victims of sex trafficking. This had a direct connection to my art installations on genocides. My previous art on genocides include themes of individuals in a targeted group receiving tattoos against their will.  This motivated me to create a visual response to these barcode tattoos. I drew and printed images to represent layers, which were transparent, allowing the viewer to see more than one image. The first glass image of barbed wire was sandblasted into the glass, and all three layers of glass had imagery in broken frames that had LED lights installed the base of the frame. This metaphor of creating light from the darkness also serves as symbol of memory and resilience. 

The opportunity to create visual responses while conducting research can motivate art therapy professionals to become aware of the challenges and insights that can occur in arts based research. 

Simone will touch on her present work on post historical trauma and border syndrome. As the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder grows, two related concepts have seen scarce attention: transgenerational trauma and border syndrome, (Kapllani, 2017). The presenter discusses these concepts and the work of artists and who create artwork to confront the implications of the past to present day situations

Prof. Dr. Simone Alter Muri, director/founder of the undergraduate/graduate art therapy/counseling, and art education programs at Springfield College (USA). 

Lecture: Tattoo Art Therapy / The Body as Canvas: Motivations, Meanings, and Therapeutic Implications of Tattoos

Dr. Alter Muri's lecture focuses on her research of the intersection of tattoos and healing and how this can be important to art therapists. We live in an era where indirect communication is common and the relationship to others is less permanent. In a society where ambivalence is becoming common it is interesting that individuals are deciding to create permanent imagery on their body to make a personal statement (Larson, Knox, Patterson, & Markham, 2014).

22.05. -24.05.2020 the image as mnemonic in art psychotherapy – (AU)

Dr. Marie Christina Virago

Art psychotherapy uses visual image making as the primary medium of communication and is more than “creativity”. It involves a conversation between equal participants: Quaestor (client), his/her image, and therapist.

According to neuroscientist Dean Burnett “Anything visual has a much better chance of being lodged in the brain and staying there” and Antonio Damasio writes that all feelings and emotions are connected to images, all of which is of importance in addressing learned coping strategies, perceptions of events, and trauma. We learn social dynamics before we can speak, through watching those around us: this is held in unconscious imagery as visual and verbal metaphors. These metaphors are always important and are also held as mnemonics of content not yet integrated, often causing the distress associated with PTSD or dysfunctional dynamics. Participants will engage in a guided image exercise, and exploration, in order to gain an experiential understanding of the process.

Dr. Marie- Christine Virago is a trained TA & Gestalt therapist, counsellor, Jungian Analysist. She studied Fine Art at the University of Newcastle, art psychotherapy at the University of Sheffield, completed Doctoral research at University of Newcastle.

Lecture: "What the eye sees, the body feels and the soul hears, the hand may draw, to give voice to the story: Art psychotherapy addressing the BodyMind in psycho-oncology (cutaneous malignant melanoma): a mixed method study"

Prof. Dr. Simone Alter Muri is the Director/Founder of the Art Therapy/Counseling, and Art Education programs at Springfield College. She holds a Doctorate in creative behavior and child development, a Master’s degree in art therapy and a Bachelor's degree in art and psychology. She has been a practicing art therapist for 35 years.  Simone exhibits her art in galleries locally, and internationally.

Her current art work includes work on glass on the topic of sex trafficking, and refugees. She creates installations on barcodes and holocausts, and plein air paintings. She is a researcher and published over 20 articles on topics including: Art in Times of War, Children’s Art Development, Post Historical Trauma and Tattoos and Healing. Simone has been awarded grants and was the Massachusetts Art Teacher of the Year in Higher Education. She published numerous articles and chapters on art therapy, art education and art history. Known for her work in post-modernism she co-authored a chapter in “Blaze” on feminist art.

Dr. Marie- Christine Virago’s initial training was in nursing, which was followed by work in electron microscopy units of the University of Sydney and Queensland. She worked as a laboratory technician in human and veterinary virology, haematology and cytology with a common thread of cancer research. She trained in TA & Gestalt therapy, and counselling in the areas of Drug and Alcohol, Couple Dynamics, Critical Incident, Oncology Support, Grief and Bereavement, and Sandplay, while also engaging in Jungian Analysis. She studied and studied Fine Art at the University of Newcastle, Anthroposophical Teaching at Parcival College, Anthropology and Religious studies at Deakin University, and completed post-graduate training in art psychotherapy at the University of Sheffield, She also completed Doctoral research at University of Newcastle into the reflection of immune function in psychological exploration of images, through art psychotherapy, with people who were diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma.

Leitung der Künstlerischen und Wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildungen, Kunsttherapie interdisziplinär Medizin & Psychologie:
Prof. Hildrun Rolff

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit:  Anke Schäfer

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Künstlerische und Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildungen, Kunsttherapie interdisziplinär Medizin & Psychologie

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ABGESAGT: International Perspectives - guest lecturers 2020
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