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Eurythmy in English

Master of Arts

The master's program Eurythmy in English is aimed at eurythmists who are looking for an intense eurythmy-artistic exploration and deepening, who want to sharpen their own profile and take next steps with new challenges.

We are pleased to offer a Masters programme in English. The Alanus University Masters Degree is internationally recognised and has already proved to be an award that gives eurythmists higher qualifications, supporting and extending their practice in a range of settings worldwide.

A new course will begin in September, with three pathways: Performance, Education, and Therapy. There will also be an option to attend additional weeks of eurythmy teacher training for those without or with limited prior teaching experience.

The structure of the course is envisaged as a series of four one-week modules per year over a period of 2 years. In between the modules students will be engaged in working with assignments and individual projects in their own context of eurythmy activity. The final Master’s Project will be carried out during the second year and will be relevant to the field of study, for example a performance, therapy case study, or community or school-based research project.

For an overview of Alanus University’s current tuition fees, please refer to Downloads.

Loans and scholarships
Students from the UK may apply for a loan from the Godparents Anthroposophical Training Fund.

The suitability for this study is determined in a admission procedure. Appointments can be arranged individually. The prerequisite for the Master's degree is a completed Bachelor's degree.

If you are unsure whether your degree is sufficient for admission, please contact the secretariat.

Please apply in writing. The application form and a list of required documents can be found here under Downloads.

Please enclose the following documents with your application form:

  •     1 one-page CV
  •     A letter of motivation (up to one A4 page)
  •     A certified copy of your degree certificate
  •     Proof of health insurance
  •     Medical certificate of good health
  •     1 passport photograph

For non-native speakers: Proof of sufficient English language skills. Your application may be sent to the address provided on the form or digitally. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be invited to attend an interview.


Admission Requirements for the Master’s Programme
A relevant degree-level professional qualification, plus the demonstration of appropriate artistic ability to be assessed during the Master’s programme admission procedure.

Admission Procedure
Prospective applicants will be invited for an interview and participate in:

1. A prepared eurythmy performance / presentation, followed by a colloquium
2. A written exam on an assigned theoretical or practical subject (4 hrs)
3. Participation in an open session, either alone or in a small group (1.5 hrs)
4. Written exam (2 hrs) followed by a colloquium (1/2 hr) on the academic part of the preferred area of specialization.

Entry conditions for qualified eurythmists who do not have a higher education entry certificate
Eurythmists can be considered for entry into a higher semester on presentation of an appropriate portfolio. They can then sit the necessary exams to qualify for a BA degree, while attending the MA courses. The part-time MA course can still be completed within two years. If you are interested, an appointment can be arranged through the Eurythmy student office.

A Master of Arts in Eurythmy is awarded in one of the three areas of specialization:

  • Master of Arts in Eurythmy as a Performing Art
  • Master of Arts in Eurythmy Therapy
  • Master of Arts in Eurythmy in Education and as Social Art

Responsible for the programme are Coralee Frederickson and Shaina Stoehr. They are supported by the eurythmy faculty at Alanus, some of whom also teach on the course. In addition a number of tutors make contributions to the programme, bringing their wealth of experience to the Master Classes and subject lessons. These include:

  • Stefan Hasler - Tone eurythmy
  • Emile Cnoops - Speech eurythmy
  • Ingrid Everwijn - Tone eurythmy
  • Volker Frankfurt - Speech eurythmy
  • Charlotte Krantz - Speech/tone eurythmy
  • Jan Ranck - Apollonian/Dionysian principles
  • Melissa Harwood - Social eurythmy and presentation skills
  • Gorman Krantz - Eurythmy research
  • Michael Werner - Vital eurythmy
  • Maren Stott - Solo work
  • Helga Daniel - Educational eurythmy
  • Magali Muller-Peddinghaus - Educational eurythmy
  • Prosper Nebel - Educational eurythmy
  • Dr. James Dyson - Principles of human development
  • Charlotte Von Bulow - Research methods
  • Maria Martina Sam - History of Eurythmy

 For further information please contact Coralee Frederickson and Shaina Stoehr directly.

  • certificate courses
    For those who do not want to obtain an academic degree, it is possible to work on aptitude, in certain productions and projects. This is an offer for eurythmists who are looking for an artistic work combined with performance work and can be certified as a university certificate. The costs for the certificate course amount to 2,000 euros each. The beginning is in the autumn semester.

    In addition, the study course Stage of the Master's Program can be combined with one of the following certificate courses: Eurythmy Pedagogy, Eurythmi a Social Work Fields or Vitaleurythmie, additional fees of 750 Euro will be charged.
  • Symposia
    Every year, symposia take place on various topics of eurythmy. Here you can meet colleagues and learn about research and practice in the occupational fields.

    Dates and topics of the symposia can be found in our current event calendar.

All required documents can be found under Downloads (at the bottom of the list).

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Study period
Series of four one-week modules
per year over a period of 2 years

in September

Study graduation
Master of Arts (M.A.) Eurythmy as
Performing Art, Eurythmy Therapy or
Eurythmy in Education and as Social Art
recognized internationally

Tuition fee
241, - Euro per month

Student finance
For more details, see Funding.

Contact and Advice
Fachgebiet Eurythmie
Phone +49 2222 93211275

Eurythmy in English
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