Institute of Philosophy and Aesthetics

Philosophy, Arts and Social Entrepreneurship

Economic, cultural and aesthetic education as a basis for responsible social entrepreneurship.

This programme combines philosophy and arts with elements drawn from social science and economics. Students learn through combination of interdisciplinary and individualised study and through combining structured academic research with intense aesthetic and arts-based practice. Lectures and seminars on social science and economics provide the theoretical foundations, while philosophy and arts offer an in depth enquiry into the nature of human experience. This is an innovative programme that enables students to gradually specialise in a field of study. Once students have identified their area of specialisation they can pursue this in a consecutive Master's programme. Through its content and structure the programme embodies the central educational ethos of Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. 

The Institute of Philosophy and Aesthetics at Alanus University stands for a diverse education with integrity. The committed team of professors, research assistants and administrative support staff guarantees a challenging but supportive environment. Students are challenged to extend their own boundaries of ability and understanding, but within the context of individualised mentoring and support.

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