Early Childhood Education

Early childhood in the spotlight 

“Childhood Today” is a topic that throws up a multitude of questions both for individuals and for society: How does a child experience childhood? How does a child learn? How much protection, freedom and support do children need? The Alanus University offers two courses of studies, both leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA):

Both courses qualify graduates to work in or run kindergartens, child-care centres and family advice centres and care institutions for children and adolescents (e.g. children’s homes). There are further career possibilities in the advisory services, in professional consulting or in academic research in higher education. The bachelor’s degree also enables graduates to start a MA course.

A special feature of Alanus University is the Studium Generale, an essential part of all degree courses. The seminars and lectures offered under this cultural studies programme inspire students to develop their own critical ideas, extend their horizons and find their ownplace in a cultural and social context. Thecurriculum covers philosophy, aesthetics and art theory.